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Hole Drilling, Made Easy

Why waste time manually drilling holes for fences and tree planting? The CP post hole borer makes quick work of the task. This powerful tool drills holes up to 1.3m deep and 90-350mm diameter in hard soil and sand. Designed for two person operation, it's powerful, compact, easy to use, and has clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The unit can be powered by a hydraulic power pack, or connected to a hydraulic outlet on a truck, excavator, or loader.

PHB 3-14

Part 1806101443
Price $1,175.00
Weight (lbs) 44
Length (in) 42.7
Oil Flow (gpm) 4-11
Working Pressure (psi) 1,160-2,030
Maximum Back Pressure (psi) 725
Revolutions (rpm) 90-240
Auger Size at L=34.3" (in) 3.5-13.7
Torque at 2,030psi (ft/lb) 232.3
Vibration Level 3 Axes* (ISO 28927-5) at 20l/min (m/s2) 7.4
Sound Pressure Level* (ISO 11203) (Lp, r=1m) (dB(A)) <70

* Full details of the measurement are available in the Safety and Operating Instruction of the product.

phb 3-14 in use


Width (in) Length (in) Part Price
3.5 34.3 3378005045 QUOTE
5.9 34.3 3378005046 $750.00
7.9 34.3 3378005044 QUOTE
9.8 34.3 3378005047 QUOTE
11.0 34.3 3378005049 $800.00
13.8 34.3 3378005048 QUOTE

Safety and Operating Instructions

PHB 3-14 Safety and Operating Instructions

Parts Breakdowns

PHB 3-14