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They may be light and compact, but don't be fooled. A CP hydraulic cutoff saw with the right blade will cut through concrete, asphalt, and steel. With our 16" saw at full throttle, you have the raw power of a gasoline powered engine in your hand.

The open cutting face makes the CP cutoff saw easy to use, even under the most demanding conditions. In addition, the simple, direct drive configuration reduces maintenance, especially in comparison with belt-driven saws. A water kit is available to provide a supply of cooling water where needed.

Hydraulic Cutoff Saws

  SAW 14 SAW 16
Part 1809014003 1809016613
Prices $1,850.00 $1,975.00
Weight with hoses (lbs) 26.5 28.5
Service Weight including disk (lbs) 29 33
Disk Size (in) 14 16
Arbor Size (in) 1 1
Cutting Depth (in) 5.2 6.3
Oil Flow (gpm) 5-8 5-11
Revolutions (rpm) 2,500-4,000 2,000-4,000
Speed (ft/s) 151-246 138-279
Vibration Level 3 Axes* (ISO 28927-8) at 20l/min (m/s2) 4.9 4.9
Sound Power Level Guaranteed* (2000/14/EC) Lw (dB(A)) 108 116
Sound Pressure Level* (ISO 11203) (Lp, r=1m) (dB(A)) 94 102

* Full details of the measurement are available in the Safety and Operating instruction of the product.

saw 14 in use
saw 14 cutoff saw

SAW 14

saw 16 cutoff saw

SAW 16

Diamond Disks

Work with SAW14 and SAW16
Material Disk Diameter (in) Arbor Diameter (in) Part Price
Concrete 13.8 1.0 3378005069 QUOTE
Concrete 15.7 1.0 3371809769 QUOTE
Asphalt 13.8 1.0 3378005070 QUOTE
Asphalt 15.7 1.0 3371809768 QUOTE

Cart with Water Container

Work with SAW14 and SAW16
Description Weight (lbs) Part Price
Cart with Water Container 55 1809001004 QUOTE

Safety and Operating Instructions

SAW14/SAW16 Safety and Operating Instructions

Parts Breakdowns

SAW14, SAW16