Chicago Pneumatic
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Post Pullers

More Muscle to Get the Job Done

Removing steel or wooden fence posts, crash carriers, or concrete foundations? With 6 tons of pulling power and an automatic chain tightening clamp, the CP post puller has the muscle you need to get the job done.

The machine accepts a wide range of different shapes and, if needed, you can use a separate hand lever to add another 4 tons of pulling force! the CP post puller can be powered by a hydraulic power pack or connected to a hydraulic outlet on a truck, excavator, or loader.


Part 1801810004
Price $2,920.00
Service weight with hoses and chains (lbs) 132
Oil Flow (gpm) 5-11
Working Pressure (psi) 1,450-2,320
Maximum Back Pressure (psi) 435
Lift capacity per stroke (in) 0.5-7.9
Pulling Force (lbs) 13,228
Full Pulling Force 22,046
ppu 22 hd in use

Lever Kit

Weight (lbs) Part Price
22.0 3371810148 $729.56

Safety and Operating Instructions

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