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Rugged Design for Tough Jobs

CP hydraulic submersible pumps are so tough, it takes much more than stones and debris to stop them. They are designed for continious pumping of water on building sites, in flooded excavations and cellars, and in similar situations.

These rugged pumps are built to deliver impressive performance for their size and weight. The 2" pump handles dirty water ontaining small stones and debris up to 10mm. Cooled and lubricated by the hydraulic oil, they can be left to run dry without damage.

Hydraulic Submersible Water Pumps

  WAP 2
Price 1806101441
Prices $1,905.00
Weight (lbs) 24
Height (in) 13.6
Width (in) 8.9
Oil Flow (gpm) 5-6
Working Pressure (psi) 1,450
Pump Head Maximum (ft) 82
Pump Flow Maximum (gpm) 222
Discharge (in) 2
Solids Handling up to (in) 0.4
Sound Power Level Guaranteed* (2000/14EC) Lw (dB(A)) 95
Sound Pressure Level* (ISO 11203) (Lp, r=1m) (dB(A)) 84

* Full details of the measurement are available in the Safety and Operating instruction of the product.

wap 2 in use
wap 2 submersable pump



Safety and Operating Instructions

WAP2/WAP3 Safety and Operating Instructions

Parts Breakdowns


OFD20 Oil Flow Divider AC-1801163229 $555.00 Quick Release Coupling - ½" Female 3371805133 $54.00
OFD30 Oil Flow Divider AC-1801164232 $685.00 Quick Release Coupling - ½" Male 3371805134 $38.38
Twin Extension Hose - 23' AC-3371801087 $510.50 Seal Kit 3376606015 $136.65
Twin Extension Hose - 39' AC-3371801089 $685.26 Discharge Hose - 2", including snap-on hose fitting and clamps 3378002100 $110.00
Hydraulic Oil - 1 Gal 3371807777 $61.60