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Rig Mounted Hydraulic Breakers

Skid Steer Mount - Used for Demolition and Excavation

Chicago Pneumatic (CP) makes a wide range of rugged, durable rig mounted breakers with the power to work any job you give them. From the light-duty Breakers offering high performance in a lighter package to the large heavy-duty Breakers for the largest demolition jobs, our breakers get the job done.


Choose the type of breaker that's the right fit for your job. Every light-, medium-, and heavy-duty RX Breaker shares these features for high performance, excellent efficiency and outstanding value:


Of course, those features are just the beginning. You'll find plenty more working benefits on every model, helping you get exactly what you need for your application. Then simply attach the RX Breaker to the carrier of your choice and know you have what it takes to get the job done smartly, efficiently and reliably.


Light Duty

Breaker Weight 207-1210 lbs

  • Used for light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction
  • Easy power for easy handling
  • Field replaceable wear bushing
  • From $4,450

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Medium Duty

Breaker Weight 1760-3310 lbs

  • For demolition, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation and quarrying
  • Innovative design with less components and dual retainer bars for higher reliability
  • Central lubrication port for easier maintenance
  • From $20,795

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Heavy Duty

Breaker Weight 3970-9260 lbs

  • For medium and heavy industrial demolition, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation and mining
  • Power booster for higher performance and lower vibration
  • Dust wiper and ventilation port for better dust protection
  • From $50,140

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